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Access panels masking screens

MPVC access panels ready made for tile or other inserts Easy and quick installation without the need of cutting the tiles or the panels ...

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Plasterboard aluminium access panels

BOX of 10 Plasterboard-faced and aluminium framed hinged access doors / panels which provide easy and safe access to concealed ...

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Metal Access Panels

BOX of 10 Access panels are made of zinc-coated steel sheet and covered with powder sputtering. The hatches are stabile against ...

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Lockable Access Panels

BOX of 10 Lockable control hatches are Made of ferrous metal. Covered with powder sputtering. Designed for inside use. The hatches ...

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PVC Service / Access doors / Hatches BOX OF 12

White plastic access panels have modern design and construction easy for assembling. Plastic control hatches are for interior ...

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