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Plasterboard aluminium access panels

BOX of 10

Plasterboard-faced and aluminium framed hinged access doors / panels which provide easy and safe access to concealed services behind walls and ceilings. All access panels are ready and prepared for you to finish and decorate them. This is an ideal product for high end projects.

Standard delivery charge of £8,33 for all size purchases.


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150 X 200 BOX of 10KR1£ 163
250 X 200 BOX of 10KR-3£ 211
300 X 300 BOX of 10KR-10£ 230
300 X 600 BOX of 10KR-11£ 263
400 X 600 BOX of 10KR-13£ 276
600 X 600 BOX of 10KR-15£ 370
400 X 400 BOX of 10KR-12£ 254
200 X 300 BOX of 10KR-4£ 234
£ 163
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