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I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the service that you have provided. For many years
I have been looking for a front entrance door for my house. I was not happy with my old wooden door
and did not like the widely available plastic doors. I wanted something more secure and well insulated at
a reasonable price. I am very happy with the product that I have purchased from you and the quality of
the installation which you also did for me.
I will not hesitate to recommend your product and installation service to any potential clients that you
may have. I will be happy for you to provide my contact details to anyone who wishes to speak to me
regarding the pleasant experience that I had with your company.



Peter Petrov Laughton 24/04/12


I specifically went to the Ideal Home Show to look for replacement doors for my house but I needed to choose the right company.I remember going back repeatedly to the Fussy choice stand and was really impressed with the doors, their natural look and the amazing locks and the security they represented that I booked an appointment to have both the front and back doors replaced.


Time was spent on the look of the doors, colours and how long the installation would take. I was greatly impressed with the fact that he was prompt for the appointment and for the two days of installation.They were so tidy during and after the installation to ensure no other part of my house was damaged.


The doors are beautiful; possibly the most beautiful part of my house. I chose a style that was the same as my old door hence it was in keeping with the rest of the house. Fussy Choice also took my old door away. I was always a little worried about security but since the doors have been installed, I don’t even think about that.

I smile every time I see the doors and also because I know I’m very safe inside my home.I plan on using them again for some of my other properties.


Thank You, Darius



Dr Ayesha Sanusi

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